Meet our staff!

                                      Marthas Vineyard 

Chief Pilot at Fly Accelerated Jamie Clabaugh 

 Hello, My name is Jamie Clabaugh and I have over 17,000 hours of flight time with most all of that being dual training given. I have trained hundreds of students and have flown many many different types of aircraft throughout my career as a professional pilot. I  am a factory trained Cirrus instructor and a factory trained Diamond instructor and am proficient in the G-1000 as well as the avidyne system. I have flown the big jets from time to time but my heart is in the small singles where I do most of my training. I have been an instructor for 20 years now and plan on instructing for many years to come. I absolutely love what I do! I first got my start in the instructing field back in the Military a number of years ago where I was a member of a Marine Corps Recon unit. I learned to fly after I completed my enlistment where I became a commercial pilot/ flight instructor and have loved my job ever since.  I have flown and instructed in many different types of aircraft from small Cessnas to large corporate jets such as the Gulfstream IV but I absolutely love the light singles best of all! I look forward to flying with you!




Hello, I’m John Lamb. Aviation has always been my first love and is my second career. Since the age of 6, I dreamed of becoming an aviator. I finally learned to fly at age 56, so that I could utilize general aviation for business travel. Just a few short years later, I became a commercial pilot and had earned all possible land aircraft instructional certificates. Although I now hold an Airline Transport Pilot rating and have many hours as a commercial aviator flying in and through the high Rocky Mountains as well as in Alaska, my passion is instructing and mentoring new aviators. I will be your guide to earning your pilot certificates through Fly Accelerated Flight Training. You’ll be working hard and enjoying yourself, while being immersed in your aviation education. Learning at a traditional flight school, you’ll fly a few days per week and will spend most of your flight time within a few minutes of the flight school’s airport. However, flying with me at Fly Accelerated, we will fly two training missions per day, honing your aviation skills, utilizing scenario based training in real world conditions. Each day we could find ourselves at new and exciting locations, giving you a breadth of experience that is unparalleled elsewhere. With my guidance, you will become a confident all weather aviator, capable of analyzing weather and flight conditions while making good decisions about where and when to fly. When not flying, we will be covering knowledge topics of the necessary background and information for you not only to pass your oral examination, but for you to have a thorough education in flight regulations. I look forward to meeting you and flying with you soon!  


  Hello, my name is Jake Le. I am from vietnam and can speak multiple languages fluently. When I was 8 years old, I was so fascinated by airplanes and I had no idea as to how they could even get off the ground and fly through the air. Fas forward, in 2015 I took an intro flight in long beach and i fell in love with aviation. I then moved to Las Vegas in 2016 where i went from PPL to CFI. I have been teaching people how fly for a couple years in many different aircraft types such as C-172, PA-28, DA-40, C-206, etc... I enjoy teaching and hope to be an instructor for many decades to come. I am a former skydive pilot but have yet to skydive myself! I currently work about half the time as a medevac pilot flying King Air B200, B300 and B350. It really makes my day when I am able to get a patient in critical condition to the help they need! I look forward to flying with you and helping you achieve your aviation goals just as all my instructors have done for me!


 Kaden Kelson

 My name is Kaden Kelson. 

I'm 28. I enjoy instructing, economics, food, and anything related to aviation. I served a voluntary service mission for the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints in the country of Finland. I'm Bilingual. I obtained an associates degree from Brigham Young University - Idaho. Im an eagle scout.
I grew up in the small town of logandale, Nevada. As a middle child of five, I had to learn how to figure things out for myself. I've always been independent and a self-learner. I earned my PPL at Flyright Aviation at VGT Airport. I earned my Instrument, Commercial, CFI, CFII and Commercial-Multi through ATP flight school. I earned my MEI with Vegas Aviation at VGT. I've provided instruction in many single-engine Cessna, Piper, and Cirrus aircraft. I'm authorized to instruct in PA-44, PA-23-250, BE-76, and BE-95 Multi-Engines. I enjoy inspiring others and helping them achieve their goals. I aspire to be a check airman for Delta Airlines.