Chief CFI at Fly Accelerated Jamie Clabaugh

Pat and Jamie

Chief CFI at Fly Accelerated Jamie Clabaugh (left)

Hello, My name is Jamie Clabaugh and I typically fly out of the Las Vegas, NV area most of the year. I have over 11000 hours of flight time with most all of that being dual training given. I have trained hundreds of students and have flown many many different types of aircraft throughout my career as a professional pilot. I  am a factory trained Cirrus instructor and a factory trained Diamond instructor and am proficient in the G-1000 as well as the avidyne system. I have flown the big jets from time to time but my heart is in the small singles where I do all of my training. I have been an instructor here in the southwest US for many years now. I plan on instructing here for many years to come and absolutely love what I do! I first got my start in the instructing field back in the Military a number of years ago where I was a member of a Marine Corps Recon unit. I learned to fly after I completed my enlistment where I became a commercial pilot/ flight instructor and have loved my job ever since.  I have flown and instructed in many different types of aircraft from small Cessnas to large corporate jets such as the Gulfstream IV but I absolutely love the light singles best of all! I look forward to flying with you!
                                                                       Jamie Clabaugh