Before you arrive for flight training

Heres what needs to get done before you show up for your first day of training:

1. Complete the private pilots or instrument rating knowledge test. You can find the study guides for these by going here-

Let me know when you're scoring consistently in the 90% range and I will send an endorsement to your testing facility.


2. You need to get your third class medical certificate by Going to to register your account then going to to find your nearest medical examiner. Be sure to get a first class medical if you plan on becoming a commercial pilot someday.


3. Get a subscription to foreflight and download the program to your iPad.


4. Review the study guide section of my website under the general information tthe for either the private pilots license or instrument rating.


5. Apply for your student pilot certificate by creating an account at you will need to contact me after you set up your account so I can get you reccomended and endorsed.


6. To hold your training course date, a non refundable security deposit is required ($1500 for non Cirrus and $2000 for Cirrus). Funds will be applied to your Instructor costs on arrival.


Arrival Checklist 

1. Passing knowledge test report.

2. Third class medical certificate or greater.

3. iPad with foreflight app installed.

4. Student pilot certificate (or at least have applied for one).

5. Headset (if you have one).

6. Proof of U.S. Citizenship (valid us passport or birth certificate).

7. Credit/debit card for fuel. 

8. Previous flight logbook (if applicable).

9. Note book/note pad

10. A good attitude!