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 Welcome to our Denver (Centennial airport), Colorado area location. We can help you become a pilot in the most efficient manner possible while doing all of our training under real world scenarios (as opposed to just going out and doing stalls all day) while also being the safest and most economical. We are a botique flight school so you will notice that we do things much differently than the other schools. We have a GREAT team of experienced Flight Instructors and number of GREAT aircraft standing by to help you get your pilots licenses and ratings from Private pilot all the way to ATP! Here are some of our Denver team members (Centennial)...


Chief Pilot at Fly Accelerated Jamie Clabaugh 

 Hello, My name is Jamie Clabaugh and I have over 17,000 hours of flight time with most all of that being dual training given. I have trained hundreds of students and have flown many many different types of aircraft throughout my career as a professional pilot. I  am a factory trained Cirrus instructor and a factory trained Diamond instructor and am proficient in the G-1000 as well as the avidyne system. I have flown the big jets from time to time but my heart is in the small singles where I do most of my training. I have been an instructor for 20 years now and plan on instructing for many years to come. I absolutely love what I do! I first got my start in the instructing field back in the Military a number of years ago where I was a member of a Marine Corps Recon unit. I learned to fly after I completed my enlistment where I became a commercial pilot/ flight instructor and have loved my job ever since.  I have flown and instructed in many different types of aircraft from small Cessnas to large corporate jets such as the Gulfstream IV but I absolutely love the light singles best of all! I look forward to flying with you!


                                  Jan Aleman

I have been flying for a few years now andI joined Jamie's team because I am a big supporter of dedicated flight training. I have a background of training software engineers andI have been building software companies for 30 years. I have thoroughly enjoyed training people and as a CFI I can now combine my two hobbies of flying and training. I only train people that are serious of
getting their Licenses and ratings, if you are I can help, let's talk.

                           Jake Sanderson

"As a Certified Flight Instructor with a passion for precision and efficiency, I specialize in accelerated flight training, believing it to be the cheapest and most efficient form of aviation education. With multiple checkride passes under my belt and extensive experience in the cockpit, particularly with the G1000 system, I bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to every lesson. 
Having personally experienced accelerated flight training, I am committed to providing an unparalleled learning experience for my students. By condensing the traditional curriculum into an intensive yet focused program."




                                                  Sankar Das "DAS"

  Hello! I have been a flight instructor for while a while here in the Denver area and I will never stop being an instructor no matter where my aviation journey takes me. I am currently a Captain at a major airline as well as a gold seal CFII and MEI with over 3000 hours of dual given. I would to love to be a part of your aviation journey!


Aircraft available-

                           Cessna 172s (multiple)

                           Diamond star DA-40

                           Diamond DA-20



                           Mooney M-20

                           Beech Travelair (twin)


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