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Flight Training Q & A

Q: What is the difference between a flight school CFI and Flyaccelerated?
A: Flight schools typically employ low time instructors (on average between 200 to 800 hours flight time) whom are there to simply to build flight time at your expense so that they may move on to their next commercial pilot job. They typically work for very little pay ( they usually get paid around $15 bucks per flight hour by the flight school while you pay up to $65 per hour) and are in a big hurry to get on to the next job so that they can start earning the big bucks. The morale and motivation is low to say the least. This is true for roughly 80% of CFIs out there today. This is simply how the flight training system works but it doesn't mean that you have to settle for a bad instructor for your training. When you use me for your training, you are getting the real deal. Someone who has been around for a very long time and knows precisely how to get results!

Q: What courses do you typically teach in the accelerated format?
A: We typically only do the private pilots license and instrument rating but we can also do finish up courses for those of you who need the extra little push to finally get it done that typically last 3 to 8 days or more as needed.

Q: How long should the Private pilots license usually take?
A: You can expect about ten days or less to complete your Private pilots license under normal circumstances. Any disturbances such as bad weather, aircraft malfunctions etc could possibly add to this time but this is very rare as we have made provisions for this to happen at sometime during the course.

Q: How long should the instrument rating take?
A: It should only take about ten days or less 90% of the time

Q: What could I do on my own prior to starting the private pilots license?
A: Visit the before you arrive page.

Q: What type of testing has to be completed before I can receive my private pilots license or any other license or rating for that matter?

A: You will be required to complete a written test and a practical test before you receive your license. The written test is something you can prepare for online before you start your training if you wish by visiting and registering for the ten dollar study buddy program. The practical test is completed at end of our training and is conducted by an independent FAA designated examiner (He is not an employee of the FAA). It consists of both oral questioning and a flight evaluation and lasts about 4 hours total from start to finish. We will coordinate the meeting with the examiner when we are ready and ensure that you have everything necessary to pass your test before you get the license. 


Q: How does the typical training day usually go on the ten day program?
A: We typically start around 9 in the morning with a short ground and preflight then on for about a 1.5 to 2 hour. After the flight (around 10 am) we have about a 2 hour ground training session and then on to about a 1 hour lunch. After lunch (appx 1pm) we go on another 1.5 to 2 hour flight and then on to another roughly 2 hour ground training session which puts to around 5-6 pm and dinner time. After dinner, we go on another flight and work on our night flying or instrument training requirements as necessary. Ground training may also be
substituted at this time depending on areas which we may need to add additional focus as necessary. Our daily schedule will constantly change based on our syllabus as well as to adjust to your specified learning requirements. 

Q: What is the advantages of accelerated training over slower paced training?
A: When you drag out your training over many months, you can expect to pay 50% to 100% more as well finish with a much higher total flight time than you would by attending my accelerated course. Why is this? It is because the time you take off in between lessons causes you to forget what you learned during your last lesson. You in turn take precious time during your next lesson simply "remembering" what you forgot in your last lesson. Additionally, around 94% of all students who start non accelerated training will never receive their pilots
license (according to AOPA) compared to about a 5% drop out rate for my accelerated students.

Q: How do I get the ball rolling?
A: Contact me on my cell at (702) 504-6376 or E-mail me at for schedule availability and to set up a time for us to talk further.


Hope to talk to you soon!