What our Customer's have to say about us!

Jamie provided great real world instruction and has opened a whole new side of life to me. I highly recommend his accelerated course as it will save you time and money in the long run. You will learn much faster with the long days than you will with the typical CFI, and Jamie is a blast to talk with on those long cross country flights to boot.

Andrew C.

I had been training sporadically for 1 1/2 years in Los Angeles when I decided to switch to an accelerated program. I was tired of the 2 hour sessions that include 30 minutes of prep and run up.
2 days in the plane with Jamie, and the end goal was in sight! He has a unparalleled way of transferring his knowledge and experience to you. He will patiently answer the thousands of questions student pilots often have, and KEEP YOU SAFE!
I GREATLY appreciated his flexibility as well. Under Jamie's instruction I passed my written and checkride 1st time with flying colors!!

Kevin C.

I did an accelerated instrument rating course with Jamie and it was great. Not only did I get my instrument ticket in just a few days, his laid-back manner style put me at ease, and his extensive knowledge of aircrafts and flying make me a much safer pilot. Best money I've spent on flight instruction! I'm going back to him for commercial training, and I'd be happy to share my experience with anyone privately.

Chris Z.

Fly Accelerated Flight Is Your Best Choice for A Truly Dedicated Accelerated Flight Training Experience, Guaranteed!!!

Welcome to Fly Accelerated Flight training! We are your absolute fastest and safest path to the sky where you can become a Private Pilot or earn your instrument rating in as little as 10 days with our accelerated flight training program! We also do Commercial, Multi engine, CFI and CFII in the accelerated format as well. Our training can be conducted at your home airport with your own plane or at our Centennial Colorado location in one of our beautiful aircraft (or a combination therof). Once you discover our methodologies and techniques, I can guarantee you will never go back to "normal" training ever again! We have been in the accelerated flight training business for 20 years and have one of the best records for safety, completion/pass rate and customer satisfaction in the industry! We employ some of the best and most experienced Instructors and have a beautiful, well maintained fleet of aircraft to choose from. We conduct our training utilizing the most realistic real world scenarios unlike other flight school out there who really only trains you to stay in the local pattern or local practice area. This is vitally important for those who actually want to utilize their pilot licenses to fly in the real world.

We are a true dedicated accelerated flight school, not just a referral service or a school that dabbles in occasional accelerated activities. Accelerated flight training is all we do! We are a veteran owned small business (USMC)! Our instructors have much more experience than most any instructor you will fly with at nearly every flight school in the nation. We have trained hundreds of students who have received their private pilots license and instrument ratings all over the country. Our specialized training techniques offer a different approach to learning than you would receive at any other flight school, one that focuses on safety, technique and a thorough understanding of the technology utilized in general aviation today. All of this in a real world environment in real world conditions at many different challenging airports arount the Country.

Our instructors have thousands of hours of real world experience in many different genres of the aviation industry and are highly trained in the ideologies, and theories involved with accelerated flight training. Our aviation training ideology is based on the same fundamentals developed by our chief pilot, Jamie Clabaugh, where he honed his training abilities while serving in the Marine Corps .We focus on teaching the art of flying in a relaxed, laid back environment (people are much more receptive to learning this way) as this is the absolute quickest, safest and funnest way to learn how to fly! We specialize in accelerated private pilot training, accelerated instrument training, ground school (all subjects), Cirrus flight training, Diamond flight training, multi engine flight training, and many other licenses and ratings.

At Fly Accelerated you can complete your training in as little as ten days or we can break it up into multiple blocks. We utilize combination of both flight and ground school lessons that optimizes your training time and maximizes your your learning potential. We know how to give you that extra "push" necessary to obtain your pilot's license or rating that other flight schools simply lack. We are the "get it done people" when it comes to Learning to Fly and finishing up your training!!! Be sure to visit and like our facebook page for frequent updates and beautiful pics from our training missions at or just clink the FB icon below. We look forward to flying with you!