Private Pilot Quiz Questions (general)

Private pilot general questions. This section should be gone over both individually by the student and together with the CFI on a continual basis as well as in preparation for the checkride. The following augments the material contained within the memory items page and does not repeat information contained within that section so be sure to cover both this section and the memory items page. These are all questions that have been asked of my students over many decades of taking checkrides...      Checkride Checklist


 HOW DO I.... or WHAT IS/ARE... or TELL ME ABOUT...  which ever applies.

File a flight plan?

Open/close/activate a flight plan?

Obtain a weather brief?

The different types of weather briefs?

Required preflight action required before each flight?

Contact Flight Service?  And what services do they provide?

Navigate by pilotage? Dead reckoning? Radio nav? GPS?

The conditions necessary for thunderstorms to form?

The phases of a thunderstorm?

The formula for doing a weight and balance calculation (wam)?

The stability around all three axis of flight (pitch, roll and yaw)?

What is an airfoil?

Four forces of flight?

Two main types of drag?

Types of parasite drag?

In flight cloud clearance requirements for all airspaces, all altitudes both day or night?

Visibility and ceilings for basic VFR, Marginal VFR, IFR and low IFR.?

Transponder codes for general emergency, lost comm, hijacking and VFR?

Where is a mode C transponder and ADS-B required? (4 minimum)

Which 6 instruments make up a 6 pack on your panel?

How are each of them powered?

What are the different types of altitudes?

What are the different types of aircraft speeds?

What is your category and class that you are training for?

Weather minimums for a SVFR clearance during the day?

SVFR clearance at night?

Right of way rules?

Wake turbulence avoidance? Time?

Pitot static system?


Fuel reserves for day and night?

Minimum lighting for daytime? Nighttime?

Two types of cells in your eyes?

Kind of aircraft you can fly with your Private Pilots License?

Type of engine on your training aircraft?

Type of prop?

How does ADS-B work?

Lost procedures?


Temp/Dewpoint spread for cloud level?

Victor airways?

Altitudes for oxygen usage?

Types of aircraft you can be endorsed for?

Ground clearance requirements?

Seat belt usage? Crew and Passengers

Elements of a pre flight passenger brief?

Types of Hypoxia?

Diving regulations?

Federal Aviation Regulations?

Accident reporting requirements?

Speed limits for different altitudes and airspaces?

Chart symbology?

Airspace entry requirements?

Special use airspaces? TFRs?

Aviation weather reports? TAFs, METARs, PIREPs, PROG CHARTS, winds aloft etc...

Cross country flight planning using paper charts and E6B?

Light gun signals?

Proper cruising altitudes?

VOR testing?

Aerobatic operations?

Left turning tendencies?

Inoperative equipment flow chart?

Lost communication procedures? All scenarios...

Airport facility directory?

Noise abatement procedures?

Calculate cross wind component?

Obtaining enroute weather?

Read performance charts?

Aircraft systems? how/why- engine, prop, electrical, controls, ignition, landing gear, anti ice/ de-ice, fuel, cabin temp, structure, etc...

V speeds?

Stalls? Types?

Spins? Cause and recovery?

Emergency procedures? Engine failure t/o, landing, in flight, fire on ground, in flight electrical/engine, battery fire, etc...

Two main types of icing? How to prevent or treat them?

Types of airframe icing?

Taxi instrument test?

Bernoullis principal?


Definition of ceiling?

Victor airways and military training routes?