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Faa minimums for IFR eligibility-  50 hours xc pic, 10 in airplanes

                                                     40 hours actual or simulated ifr time, 15 with cfii

                                                               -250 mile nm xc, three different airports, 

                                                                  3 different approaches along atc along 

                                                                  airways or atc direction with filed flight


                                                     3 hours IFR training in previous 2 calend                                                                      months.

                                                     20 hours max sim time towards eligibility.


 HOW DO I.... or WHAT IS/ARE... or TELL ME ABOUT...  which ever applies.




How can you file IFR flight plans? How can I pick them up/activate them?


When do I need to file an alternate airport? 123 rule...


What are the minimum recency of experience requirements for flying IFR as PIC?


What is included in an IPC?


What are the standard alternate minimums for both precision and non precision approaches? How do I know if an approach has non standard alternate minimums? And where will find the non standard alternate minimums?


What are the Commercial takeoff minimums for two engine or less and three engine or more equipped aircraft?


What is climb gradient? How do I calculate climb gradient? And what is the standard climb gradient?


What are my lost communication procedures for both altitude and ground track?

                            -MEA and AVEF


Other lost comm considerations? What frequency can I use if I lose my other freqs?


What are the three holding pattern entries? What is standard and non standard entry? What are the two things that define the size of my hold? Airspeed and power settings? Explain EFC time...


Explain the three segments of an IFR flight...


Explain all elements of departure phase including vectors, MVA, ODPs, DPs, drop dead time...


Explain all elements relating to departure charts and where to find each.


Explain all elements relating to enroute charts. Be able to explain (but not limited to) MEA, MOCA, OROCA, MRA, MCA etc...


Explain all elements involved with arrival and approach charts.


Explain the following acronyms (but not limited to)- MDA, DH, MDH, VDP, IAF, LOM, FAF, MAP, MSA to name a few...


Explain the minimum equipment required flow chart from MEL to KOE to 91.205 (TOMATOFLAAMES and GRABCARD).


Explain the PICs recency experience requirements...


explain the 5 Ts for holding and FAFs. (time, turn, twist, throttle, talk)


Explain the compass errors (ANDS and UNOS)


Explain the two main types of icing.


Explain any de/anti ice equipment and devices on any aircraft and how they work...


Explain the four main types of airframe icing, how they occur, how they affect aerodynamics/center of gravity, how to approach and land with ice and how to avoid icing.


Explain compass/timed turns...


Explain the acronyms PAVE, IMSAFE, the 5 Ps.


Explain every aspect of foreflight as it pertains to IFR to include authorized weather briefs, filing flight plans etc...


Explain the minimum fuel requirements for an IFR flight.


Explain the exact sequence for flying direct to a VOR or intercepting a radial (tittie).


Give examples of primary and secondary instruments for climbs, descents turning and straight and level flight.


What are the three instrument scan errors. (fixation, omission, emphasis)


What are the three fundamental skills used in attitude instrument flying? (icc)


 What are the tests and inspections required for aircraft under IFR flight?


What are the three holding entries?


Explain DH, MDA, MDH, and circling minimums...


Explain clearance limit, EFC time, Drop dead time...


What is a tower enroute clearance and where can it be found?


What is a composite flight plan, VFR on top and pop up clearance?


Explain the ways to conduct a VOR check, how to log it and what the margin of error is...


Explain a cruise clearance in regards to altitude.


Explain MVA.