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Fly Accelerated Flight Training Partner Program

  Hello, If you are a Flight School or Independent CFI looking to boost your revenues, please take a minute to read over this page. By partnering with us, you have access to a substantial increase in your school's or club's revenue stream by teaching students (that we send to you) using the methods I have developed over two decades and thousands of hours.  Please call, text or email if you have any questions!

Fast Facts-

95% of private pilot students who start a traditional pilot training program will not finish. They usually quit (or just fall off the schedule, same thing) after a month or two for many reasons to include funding, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel or other distractions after spending roughly 1-2k.

85-90% of students who start our program will finish or at least be checkride ready in about two weeks. They show up prepared, usually distraction free, fully funded and ready to learn! Contractually, they cannot cancel or otherwise flake out like most students will over time. We attract people who are absolutely serious about their flight training. They will spend on average from 9-11,000$ on instructor fees (if starting from zero) and need about 45-55 hours of aircraft rental within that two weeks all with zero guarantees implied to their outcome.

On average, the normal private pilot course will take 2-6 months (for those few who finish), cost $17,000-$24,000 (according to, take about 75 hours of flight time but provides little real world cross country training (usually only 10 hours total with solo xc).

On average with our program, our students will spend about the low average as stated above, will fly about 45-55 total flight hours (ppl) with about 25 hours of cross country (both dual and solo).


What we provide to you-

 Students who are looking for training in our accelerated format utilizing our syllabus and training methods. Most students (90%+) will temporarily relocate to your location just for the purpose of knocking it out as efficiently as possible with little or no distractions.

Instructor training at our expense.

Contracts that reflect the following information between you and the student.

We collect the initial $1500 fee of which we retain our fee of -----, the rest of which is paid out to you. You directly collect all other deposits and fees from the student after the initial deposit.


 The students will show up at your location with-

Their student pilot certificate (or have applied for one).

Minimum 3rd class medical certificate.

Written test completed (or at least ready to take the written test on the first day).

Headset and iPad with foreflight downloaded.

Signed contract for either ten days of training or five days for a finish up.

A $1500 deposit to hold their training start date and range.

A $2500 deposit a week before training starts. If this deposit is not received, the original deposit is forfeitted and another deposit will be required for a different start date.

Student will keep a minimum of $1500 on account until the training concludes.

Student will purchase renters insurance as necessary prior to solo as required by  school requirements.

Student will abide by school regulations as currently established for all other students

Student pays School directly as required.

Student pays a "loss of faith" fee of in the case of an early departure from the course due to any number of reasons directly related to the student (ie lack of preparation, frustration, outside distractions, outside interruptions, family emergencies, work/business issues etc...). The fee is $200/day that the student misses as per the amount of days set out in the contract and payable directly to the school.



The Flight School must provide-

The School, CFIs conducting the training and aircraft must be approved and trained by a representative of Flyaccelerated LLC.

An instructor solely dedicated to the course for a minimum of 8 hours a day for the entirety of the contract length. Some days may be shorter or some days might be longer depending on certain circumstances such as playing catch up for weather, maintenance or checkride trips if necessary.

The CFI must have a minimum of 1000 hours total time and must utilize our syllabus, methods and theories to the greatest extent possible. We will train and mentour your CFIs as necessary 

If possible, should be able to continue on with the student after the contract length if the objectives were not achieved (ie checkride) for as long as practical until the checkride is accomplished if scheduling permits. Additional daily instructor rates and aircraft rental rates will apply.

A reliable, decently equipped aircraft for the sole use of the student (or at least 6 hours per day) for the duration of the contract length. 

A backup aircraft in the case of a mechanical malfunction if possible.