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Your Flight Training Needs To Be More Realistic, More Interesting And More Funner...

 All too often at the "normal/traditional" flight schools I hear stories from disgruntled students about how every training flight is conducted for the sole purpose of getting you across the check ride finish line rather than teaching you what you actually need to know to fly the airplane. Things such as flight into complex airspaces, landing at different unique airfields and all the other complex tasks you will be faced with in the real world when you actually start flying seem to be left off the syllabus but yet simple things like stalls, steep turns and ground reference maneuvers are way over done. I have seen examples of students coming over to fly with me whom have done 40 hours of nothing but stalls at their previous flight school (which is very typical from most schools) but yet have never talked on the radio or actually landed the plane let alone navigated any complex airspace or traversed anywhere other than to/from their own home airport. This leaves a lot of real world learning to be done after the student has received their Private Pilots License which sholud have been done during their training in the first place.

 With our schools, we teach you how to actually fly the plane from day one as this is actually what the Designated Pilot Examiners like to see and this also reflects in our very high first time pass rate! Our real world (aka scenario based training) training style keeps it interesting, fun AND realistic while keeping it economical  and efficient at the same time! We can provide all this while still getting you from zero to licensed in about 45 flight hours and about 12 days while coming in about 20% under the cost of the average school! Well thats all I have for today, be sure to give me a call if you want to chat about your options for getting any of your Pilot Licenses or ratings from Private Pilot to ATP. Have a great day and hope to talk to you soon!

Jamie Clabaugh

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