Why CFIs Don't Train You on Simulators (Even Though It's Better for You)

If you've ever wondered why some Certified Flight Instructors (CFIs) shy away from simulator training, you're not alone. You might hear them say it's not realistic, or that it doesn't count.

But let's debunk those myths.

First off, the notion that simulator training isn't realistic is simply untrue. In fact, simulators offer a remarkably authentic flight experience. And as for the idea that it doesn't count, well, we'll touch on that in a bit.

But here's the kicker: learning to fly in a simulator can actually accelerate your progress. Yup, you read that right. Contrary to popular belief, you can pick up skills quicker in a simulator than in a real aircraft. How's that for turning the tables?

Now, let's address the elephant in the cockpit. Why do some CFIs steer clear of simulator training? Well, it's not rocket science. Many of them are chasing those coveted flight hours. And let's face it, if they spend their time teaching in a simulator, those hours don't quite add up the same way.

But fear not, fellow aviators, because there's a beacon of hope in the sky: Fly Accelerated. When Jamie founded this company, the mission was crystal clear: How can we help pilots earn their wings faster, safer, and more affordably than ever before? And guess what? Simulators play a starring role in that quest.

Here's why flying in a simulator is the real deal:
• Hours that count: You can rack up a significant chunk of flight hours, 50 even counting toward your commercial license.
• Rapid scenario rehearsal: Need to practice different scenarios at lightning speed? Simulators have got your back, whether it's repositioning the plane or navigating tricky weather conditions.
• Budget-friendly: Flying a simulator costs half of what you'd shell out for a real aircraft. Talk about savings soaring sky-high!
• Harder, but better: Simulators might be a tad trickier to master, but hey, if you can nail it in the sim, you'll breeze through the real thing.
• Weather woes? No problem: When Mother Nature throws a tantrum, you can still clock in your flight hours in the cozy confines of a simulator.
• Practice makes perfect: From engine out scenarios to midair emergencies, simulators let you fine-tune your skills without leaving the ground.
• Pause, rewind, repeat: Need a moment to review or discuss a maneuver mid-flight? No sweat. Simulators give you the power to hit pause and rewind.

So, why is flying in a simulator such a big deal at Fly Accelerated? Simple. It's all about smarter training that's easier on your wallet and faster on the learning curve.

Ready to spread your wings and take to the virtual skies with us? Give us a call, and let's make your flying dreams a reality. Safe travels!

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