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What Are The Proper Questions To Ask Your Flight Training Provider/Flight School?

Hello All, so I got a trick curveball question from a customer yesterday and that question was what questions should I be asking of any flight school that I call? To which I replied, good question of course! So to answer the question, I first replied with a question about the question of what questions to ask. I asked the usual for recreational purposes or commercial, accelerated or snail pace, yada yada. But overall the questions I'd ask are as follows... How well maintained are your aircraft? (You'll have to check that for yourself usually), Can I speak to my instructor first? How many hours is he up to? Why is he a flight instructor? Does his mom know hes a flight istructor today? How many hours does he have til the airlines? Is he prior Military? What branch? Does he have the ability or capability to think outside the previously written books?, What does the schedule look like? 

So these are a few I can think of to give you an overall view of the basic questions you can ask. Of course I go waaayyy more in depth with my interviews and tests when im certifying a school to partner with FA but that would fill a book and I,m a very slow typer... Y,all have a good day from Texas!

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