Tips for sucessfully obtaining your Private pilots license, Instrument rating, Commercial license or any other license or rating...

Hello soldiers, sorry its been so long since I last posted but I've been working my tail off these last few weeks. I just wanted to share some tips for success while attending one of our courses both before and during your training. First off, if you are attending an advanced licensing or rating course ( ifr, comm, cfi, cfii etc...), be sure you have studied the material you previously learned from your prior training before you show up in addition to the study material directly pertinent to the license or rating you are training for. If you show up for an instrument rating course and have forgotten everything you did for your private pilots license, we will have to go back and re-learn everything you forgot about (or just did not learn properly in the first place) for the most part and that will take time away from the time we have together to accomplish our mission. The higher you get up in the ranks, the more important this becomes for you commercial and CFI students also... And like I have said before, always take copious notes and ask as many questions as you need to properly understand everything as much as possible. That is exactly what we are here for!

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