The difference between Fly Accelerated flight training and the other flight schools...

I often get asked by potential clients what the difference is between Fly Accelerated and other flight schools or independent instructors. Well, lets break it down shall we...

#1. PLANNING! Planning is the number one trait that sets us apart from everybody else. How many times have you gotten in the plane for a flight lesson not knowing fully well what the objective of that flight was? Not knowing what was expected of you for that flight? Showed up at the airport not knowing what the goals were for that particular week? Not knowing what what was going to happen next week? next month??... Without a plan, you might as well not even show up at all because having no plan is a sure plan to FAIL!

  At Fly Accelerated, we take planning very seriously as this is the backbone of accomplishing our mission in the end. Every little detail, every little nut and bolt, every inspection, maintenance item etc... It takes a dedicated team at all stages of your training to keep on track and maintain focus and to ultimately achieve our goal of obtaining your license or rating. Not only will you have your own dedicated CFI and Aircraft while you are training with us, You will also have another Instructor assisting with various background chores as well. Things such as but not limited to ground training, administrative activities, finding examiners and a thousand other tasks as necessary beginning long before you show up and only ending after you have your temporary cert in hand!

#2. PREPARATION! In conjunction with properly planning every little minute detail, proper preparation ensures that everything should run as smoothly as possible during every minute of your training with us. Something as little as forgetting to bring a pen and notepad can make the difference between having a great day or a not so great one. It is imperative that both the Student and Instructor make all the necessary preparations well before your course starts until the course has concluded for the best results possible.

#3. HARD WORK! There is no substitute for this one and unfortunately there is no magic carpet ride here. You will find that in the end, all your efforts will pay off and victory will be yours! Just keep your nose to the grind stone and give 100% every day and do not quit! 

Well thats all for now, have a great rest of your day!


Jamie Clabaugh

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