Some of the biggest obstacles to learning that I have observed lately...

Hello All,

Just wanted to touch up on some of the things that I have noticed lately on what have been some of the big barriers to learning these last couple years. These issues are easily avoidable abd can cost you thousands of dollars over what your training would normally have cost you if you had avoided these issues in the first place. The first issue- Lack of preparedness ahead of time. If youre getting caught up on studying for your written after you show up, this cuts into our valuable time together and causes massive delays to our daily schedule. Also, little things like not bringing in pens, forgetting your headset have similar effects... Second issue- Distractions. Wether it be constant talking/texting on your cell phone, having to deal with a wife at home or anything such as this, it will delay us and put us behind schedule as well. I mean, some things have to be dealt with without a doubt but the smaller issues really add up over time. There are many other reasons that cause unnecessary delays but you get the point. We just want to see you suceed to your fullest potential here with us! Have a great day!

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