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I get phone calls every day from people frustrated with the pace and quality of their flight training...

 I hear it all day everyday from frustrated students calling me to see if we can finish off where their current flight school has fallen short for one reason or another. The list is endless... Things such as planes going down for squawks, weather, Flight Instructor leaving for the airlines, not making any progress due to not flying enough and not being able to take off for half the day 4 times a week. For most students, the light at the end of the private pilots license or instrument rating tunnel seems to keep getting dimmer every day and the costs keep skyrocketing. In addition, their significant other wonders if theyre ever going to make it through to the end so they can finally see them again. 

  The reality is if they would have chosen a flight school with a solid plan to finish their license or rating in the first place, they would have been finished long ago! Its a shame that so many have to figure this fact out the hard way. It seems that 75% of the people who call us have this issue with the traditional flight schools. In addition to all of the wasted time comes the issue of the wasted money. I often see students show up to day 1 of training with us with 30-40 hours plus of flight time logged from the previous flight school who don't know how to talk on the radio, get a weather briefing or do any of the basic functions of a competent pilot. Stuff that our students learn on day 1! These students only know how to do a run up and get to the practice area and thats about it for the most part! Our training is geared toward towards people who plan on flying in the real world under real world scenarios, not just flying around in the pattern or just the local area. So when you're talking to a flight school about what your flight training will get you, make sure that flight school has a SOLID PLAN to get you where you want to be as a private pilot! We always come to you every day with a solid plan to accomplish our mission as effectively and safely as possible and get you to where you need to be in line with your goals! We look forward to flying with you!


  • How much is accelerated license course thxs tony

    Anthony summo
  • How much is total course for accelerated license thxs tony

    Anthony summo

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