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Flight Lessons

Flight Lessons Schedule (PVT)

This is our list of flight lessons and their associated content. The flight lessons for each training day will be listed on your own personalized schedule, click here for a sample schedule. Keep in mind that in some later lessons, no new material is introduced and is used mostly for practice purposes. There will still be objectives for each lesson however...

Flight lesson 1. Local, apx 1.5 hours. Discuss proper preflight techniques, use of checklists throughout, proper aircraft control, aircraft stability mechanisms on 3 axis, use of attitude reference points, pitch and power relationship, basic aerodynamic principles and taxiing procedures. Introduction to the private pilot maneuvers such as stalls, steep turns,
slow flight etc... Conduct 3 patterns at end of flight.

Flight lesson 2. Pattern work, apx 1.5 hours. Student conducts pre flight inspection with instructor following behind. Talk about radio procedures cheat sheet, identify taxiway signs, identify runway markings, do as many touch and gos as possible! Cover some instruments while in pattern, practice pitch and power demonstration, be soft on controls.

Flight lesson 3. Night, pattern, apx 1.5 hours. Student conducts pre flight inspection from here on out. Conduct full stop taxi backs. Discuss runway and taxiway lighting. Discuss night time landing illusions, proper interior lighting, use of white and red lights and cone/rod relationship. Student should be talking on radio when comfortable.

Flight lesson 4. Pattern work, apx 1.5 hours. Discuss radio procedures, pitch/power relationship, relaxation techniques, soft on controls. Should conduct unassisted landings as much as possible.

Flight lesson 5. Pattern work, apx 1.5 hours. Practice pattern work, should focus on maximum independence on the flight controls and radios. Keep that nose up and never release the stick during landing!

Flight lesson 6.  Night, XC, apx 1.5 hours. Flight to an airport more than 50nm as planned in ground lesson 3 and 4. Demonstrate terrain avoidance procedures, discuss emergency procedures.

Flight lesson 7. Cross country, day, apx 3.0 hours. Fly the cross country flight planned in ground lesson 5.

Flight lesson 8. Apx 1.5 hours. Pattern work at other airports, airspace familiarization,  main focus on independence throughout flight without instructor intervention if possible.

Flight lesson 9. Night, local, hood work, apx 1.5 hours. Flight will be conducted by reference to instruments (IFR), will focus on emergencies related to accidental penetration of clouds, proper instrument scan. Three turns in the pattern.

Flight lesson 10.  Pattern work practice, different airport, apx 1.5 hours. Main focus on student independence.

Flight lesson 11. Pattern work practice, optional airport, apx 1.5 hours. Main focus on student independence and attempting solo flight if ready.

Flight lesson 12. Night, local, hood work, apx 1.5 hours. Focus on proper scan, individual instrument failures and emergency procedures. Three turns in pattern.

Flight lesson 13.  Pattern work, local, apx 1.5 hours. Focus on getting to solo or actually flying solo. Ensure good weather and proper logbook and medical endorsements.

Flight lesson 14.  Pattern work/practice area, dual/solo, apx 1.5 hours. Focus on pattern practice or solo out to the practice area depending on circumstances. Ensure good weather and proper endorsements

Flight lesson 15. Local, night, apx 1.5 hours dual pattern if student not solo by then. If soloing, this lesson may be deleted.

Flight lesson 16. Local, solo, apx 1.5 hours. Solo flight to obtain roughly 5.0 total local solo hours. Ensure good weather and proper endorsements.

Flight lesson 17.  Pattern work, local, solo, apx 1.5 hours. More solo flight as noted above. As always check weather and endorsements.

Flight lesson 18.  Practice area, local, dual, apx 1.5 hours. This flight will be a review of all the areas covered on your checkride such as power on stalls, power off stalls, steep turns, slow flight, s turns on a road, turn around a point, short field takeoff and landing, soft field takeoff and landing.

Flight lesson 19. Local, solo, if necessary, apx 1.5 hours. If needed only! Practice the
maneuvers completed in lesson 18.

Flight lesson 20. Cross country, solo, apx 3.5 hours. This will be your long cross country solo flight. It must be to two other airports other than your home base and they must all be spaced more than 50 nm in distance with a total of at least 150nm covered. Instructor will check the flight planning, weather and other conditions prior to flight and ensure that all endorsements are completed.

Flight lesson 21. Cross country, solo, apx 2.0 hours. This flight shall be conducted to another airport over 50 nm straight line distance. As usual, check conditions and endorsements before flight. Ensure that solo minimums are met after this flight.

Flight lesson 22. Local, practice area, pattern work, dual, apx 1.5 hours. This flight is a checkride preparation similar to flight lesson 18. Reference the PTS (practical test standards) for completion standards.

Flight lesson 23, 24, 25 and as necessary. Checkride prep, same as flight lesson 22.