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Aircraft available at our Centennial Colorado Location through our partners at Centennial flyers flying club ( All rates are hourly/wet (with fuel). 

AST 300 FTD (sim)                                              $50

CRX MAX FTD (sim, 50 loggable)                      $65

Cessna C-152 (125 hp, Garmin-430)                  $133

Cessna C-172  (5 available, 140-180 hp)            $145

Cessna C-182Q (230 hp, G-430)                         $185

Piper Cherokee (160 hp)                                      $128

Diamond DA-20 (110 hp, G-430)                          $164

Diamond DA-40 (180 hp, G-1000)                        $225

Beechcraft BE-35 (G-5/G-530)                             $239

Beechcraft BE-95 (twin engine, G-5/530)             $248

Mooney M20 M (220 kts, G-1000)                        $339 (dry)

Our courses usually run in either ten or five day blocks at $750/day instructor plus aircraft rental. There is a $1500 deposit required when a suitable date is secured. We accept wire transfer, Zelle, Cash, Check, Venmo, Visa and Mastercard. In total, from zero time you can expect to pay about $15,000 from zero time to PPL/IFR license/rating in hand when you fly with us.

Other costs involved can include:

Written test- $150

Medical exam- $150

Foreflight subscription- $95/year

Examiner fee- $600-$800+-






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