Our courses usually run in either ten or five day blocks at $750/day instructor plus aircraft rental. Other costs involved If we travel to you will be instructor airfare, lodging (casita, hotel etc...), transportation (spare car, company car, rental car or suitable equivalent) if necessary. There is a $1500 deposit required when a suitable date is secured. We accept wire transfer, Zelle, Cash, Check, Venmo, Visa and Mastercard (there is a 3% fee for using cc and 2% for venmo). In total, from zero time you can expect to pay about $15,000 from zero time to PPL/IFR license/rating in hand when you fly with us.

Other costs involved can include:

Renters insurance- $250/year ($10,000 hull coverage minimum)

Written test- $150

Medical exam- $150

Foreflight subscription- $95/year

Examiner fee- $600-$800+-


Aircraft available at our Centennial Colorado Location: All rates are hourly/wet (with fuel) unless otherwise noted.

AST 300 FTD (sim)                                              $50

CRX MAX FTD (sim, 50 loggable)                      $65

Cessna C-152 (125 hp, Garmin-430)                  $133

Cessna C-172  (5 available, 140-180 hp)            $145

Cessna C-182Q (230 hp, G-430)                         $185

Piper Cherokee (160 hp)                                      $128

Diamond DA-20 (110 hp, G-430)                          $164

Diamond DA-40 (180 hp, G-1000)                        $225

Beechcraft BE-35 (G-5/G-530)                             $239

Beechcraft BE-95 (twin engine, G-5/530)             $248

Mooney M20 M (220 kts, G-1000)                        $339 (dry)





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