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Fly Accelerated FAA Certified Flight Schools Are Your Best Choice for Flight Training Nationwide, guaranteed!!!


Welcome to Fly Accelerated Flight School, your absolute fastest, safest and most affordable path to the sky where you can become a pilot and learn to fly in as Little as 10 days with our accelerated flight training program! We have trained thousands of students who received their private pilots license, instrument ratings, commercial pilot licenses (fixed wing and rotorcraft) and much more! Our specially certified training centers offer a different approach to learning than you would receive at any other flight school, one that focuses on safety, technique and a thorough understanding of the technology utilized in general aviation today. Our courses are available in either an accelerated format or a less aggressive format depending on your needs.


We now have customized loans with attractive terms available for anything from just your private pilots license all the way up to our new Commercial fixed wing/rotorcraft combined course! Please click here for details...


We have the best instructors that you will find at any flight school, guaranteed! Our instructors undergo specialized training above and beyond what is standard for normal FAA certified Flight Instructors. Our aviation training ideology is based on the same fundamentals utilized by our chief flight instructor, Jamie Clabaugh, whom honed his training abilities while serving in the Marine Corps special operations unit (force recon). You may also recognize him from his appearances on the show "Pawn Stars" where he is occasionally featured as an aviation expert. We focus on teaching the art of flying in a relaxed, laid back environment (people are much more receptive to learning this way) as this is the absolute quickest, safest and funnest way to learn how to fly! We specialize in private pilot training, sport pilot certificate, instrument training, accelerated instrument rating, accelerated ground school (all subjects), cirrus standardized training, non standardized cirrus flight training, Diamond flight training, multi engine flight training, Cessna flight training, Garmin 1000 glass cockpit transition training Training, high performance endorsement, time building, commercial pilot training, airline transport pilot (atp) rating, certified flight instructor, multi engine instructor rating, biennial flight review, instrument proficiency check, ground training (various subjects), tailwheel endorsements, plane rental and many other licenses and ratings.


At Fly Accelerated you can complete your training in as little as ten to twelve consecutive days or we can break it up into our multi weekend program which normally takes about a month or so to complete depending on your busy schedule. You may also make your own schedule and take as long as you like and fly on any day that you prefer for as long or as short as you wish. We utilize a propriatery blend of both flight and ground school lessons that optimizes your training time and maximizes your your learning potential. We also offer our students a free online ground school before you start your training so that your learning time is maximized to the fullest extent possible. We know how to give you that extra "push" necessary to obtain your pilot's license or rating that other flight schools simply lack. We are the "get it done" guys when it comes to Learning to Fly!!!


Our pilot training centers are located nationwide at an airport near you to fit your needs. We offer pilot loans available through pilot finance and also have a section on how to receive aviation grants located in the tabs above or visit our flight training blog here. You can get your flight training completed in one of our many FAA certified training centers located throughout major cities across the united states. We have locations in the following cities Las Vegas, San Diego, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, Tampa Bay, New York, Long Island, Los Angeles, Raleigh Durham, Riverside, Washington DC, Watsonville CA, New Jersey, Idaho Falls, Burbank and Van Nuys, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco Bay Area, Tampa Bay, Dallas Ft Worth, Houston, Denver, Colorado Springs and Seattle. Look under the locations drop down menu at the top of the page to find the location nearest you or click here.


Our training centers feature the most technoligically advanced and economical aircraft in the united states. Most of our aircraft are equipped with color moving map gps, terrain awareness and traffic avoidance as well. Our training centers maintain their aircraft well above and beyond what is required by the federal aviation regulations and are required to be in great mechanical as well as cosmetic condition. The following aircraft comprise the majority of our training fleet- Cessna 172, Cessna 182, Cirrus SR-22, Cirrus SR-20, Diamond DA-40, Diamond DA-20, Piper cherokees, Beechcraft Bonanza and mooney as well. We also offer training in the following avionics and equipment- Garmin G-1000, Avidyne flightmax integra and Garmin (various gps models).


Why Is our training methodology better than conventional training that you would receive at any other FAA approved flight school?? Our training is designed to systematically break down every detail and process involved with getting your pilot license so that you may complete all tasks in an efficient, thorough and timely manner with no "suprises". Our syllabus incorporates both an FAA reccommended flight outline and an faa ground school. Just like the flight planning you need to do before you start every flight, your flight training needs to be planned in the exact same manner from start to finish. This ideology is what seperates us from our competition.


And just Why would you want to learn to fly with an FAA certified instructor using our highly refined training syllabus and methodology? The answer is quite simple- Through our experience reading nearly every accident report published by the NTSB, roughly 95% of all aviation mishaps were the direct result of what the pilot did or failed to do! You may research this for yourself by visiting the aviation accident database query. In addition to this fact, most of the time that you will spend in the aircraft at most training centers is roughly 50% to 70% inefficient for training purposes. Translation: at most places you will be wasting 50% to 70% of your flight time on trivial non safety and non educational flight activities (ie waste). This is why the average time to get the private pilots license nationwide at most all training centersis 75 hours and our average is only 43 hours!


Fly Accelerated Flight School Training philosophy is quite simple, our objectives are to:


1. Provide the absolute best, most enthusiastic and experienced instructors available!


2. Ensure that our students are receiving the best training value for their dollar throughout every flight lesson. We make every effort to deliver on our promise of cheap flight training while delivering the highest quality possible!


3. Optimize your training so that you may obtain your pilot's license in the shortest time possible while learning in the most thorough manner possible.


4. Have tons of fun!!! Be cautious when choosing a training center. Since you have a fairly steep learning curve with this type of training, it is absolutely crucial that you learn the right way the very first time or you are just wasting your time. You could unknowingly pick up bad habits in the process as well. The bottom line is that you should thoroughly check the credentials of the training organization whom you intend on flying with as if your life depends on it! 


When considering training centers and flying clubs for certification with our academy, our criteria is actually quite simple. Here is the list we use to establish elegibility for certification for both private flight instructors as well as the training facility in general:


1. Must have an outgoing, patient and friendly personality. We do not tolerate instructors who talk down to their students!


2. Must maintain a positive attitude at all times (or at least as much as humanly possible)


3. Must have a good aviation safety record for both the school and the instructor.


4. Must love to be a flight instructor and be a CFI for their primary profession.


5. Must have a considerable amount of flight hours and or instructor hours hopefully in multiple types of aircraft.


6. Must be able to follow and keep up with the FA flight training syllabus.


By definition, quality craftsmanship can only be determined based on the quality of the finished product. Those who have received their training from our certified training centers are our finished product and their quality is evident by their competence in the cockpit each and every time they fly. Our students demonstrate an extremely high level of situational awareness and technical understanding which is absolutely essential to remain safe as is evidenced by our former students 100% safety rate proves thus far.


If you're serious about getting your flight instruction done quickly AND thoroughly through one of our FAA certified professional pilot schools and would like to take an intro flight with us, send us a e-mail or call us directly and we can answer any questions you may have about completing your training. Remember, the ultimate burden lies with you to ensure that you conduct your research into receiving the safest and most thorough training possible! We love to talk aviation, if you have any questions at all please do not hesitate to contact us anytime. Even if you decide not to use us for your training, We can give you a lot of good advice that will save you time and money in your journey through aviation. Also be sure to check out our flight training blog, our online ground school and our extensive pilot supplies section with the absolute best selection of pilot gear available on the web! We hope to talk to you soon and look forward to flying with you!!!