Cirrus SR-22 Private/IFR training

We are proud to announce our new Cirrus 10-12 day Cirrus Private pilot and IFR rating course! Effective immediately, we are now offering SR-22 training in the accelerated ten day format in our affordable 2001 SR-22 g1. As many of you already know, I am a factory trained Cirrus instructor and have thousands of hours in the SR-22 over about a decade with over 14,000 hours of training in all aircraft. I have been conducting primarily accelerated flight training for nearly a decade now and about 90% of my students will complete the course in ten days and average 42 hours. Your training can be conducted under the Cirrus standardized program if you need or it can be conducted directly under my highly proven program.

Course costs (average): $12,800 for aircraft and instructor fees.

Whats not covered: Fuel (about $50 an hour), any flight time over 42 hours ($150/hour), renters insurance($150), medical exam ($100), written test ($100), checkride (varies), any days over ten with instructor ($650 day), headset (optional), Ipad with foreflight downloaded, travel and meals...

My last student completed the SR-22 course in 9 days of training and 42 hours total time! He took the checkride on the tenth day and passed the first time with skeptical old salty examiner to boot! I guarantee any of my ten day private pilots will be much more proficient than any student from any flight school in the world!! I have plenty of references to back this up.

Why my course works so well: In addition to being economical and timely, my course is geared towards serious pilots who are ready to buy or have already bought a Cirrus SR-22 (or other high performance aircraft) who intend on heavily utilizing that aircraft to fly from point A to point B. We will actually do all of the challenging tasks involved with flying an airplane instead of just "talking" about them like %100 of the other schools. Examples of these tasks include: taking off and landing at high altitude airports on warm days, taking off and landing with the aircraft loaded (with large water jugs) to max gross weight, taking off and landing on short rough runways, taking off and landing on runways inside of narrow canyons, entering all classes of airspace (except A!), high altitude oxygen deficiency testing, flying into actual instrument conditions (if available), an emergency landing to somewhere other than a runway, a simulated or actual mechanical issue where we take the cowl off and inspect every part of our airplanes engine group and many, many more! 
The course is not as strenuous as you might expect! You will only begin to absorb information when you are comfortable with your environment. This is why I have adopted a much more relaxed and laid back approach to training and this is why I can empart such a large amount of information to somebody in such a short period of time. The ten day course feels more like a vacation then an actual training course! With destinations including Catalina island, Santa Barbara, Big Bear, Sedona, San Diego, Bryce Canyon and many others, its hard not relax and enjoy yourself while youre here!

Please call me for details and scheduling or with any other questions you might have about this program. My direct line is 702-504-6376, call or text. Talk to you soon!