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                                                                                 Chief CFI at Flyaccelerated Jamie Clabaugh

       Hello, My name is Jamie Clabaugh and I am the man behind I have been flying for about 15 years and have over 14,000 hours of dual instruction given. Accelerated flight training is my only business and I have been doing it for nearly ten years now! I can get you your private pilots license or instrument rating in ten days or less in greater than 95% of cases with over a 95% first time pass rate! I fly mostly out of Las Vegas and Southern California but I can fly out to your location if you have your own aircraft available. I am a former USMC Recon man and have applied many lessons that I have learned in the military to my accelerated flight program. I have taught hundreds of students using my program and have probably the best completion rate in the business! Please feel free to call me on my cell at (702)504-6376 if you would like to discuss your options to getting your ppl or instrument rating. Talk to you soon!

Jamie Clabaugh







Chief CFI Jamie Clabaugh