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Private Pilot License

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We conduct our private pilot training based off the fly accelerated private pilot syllabus created and refined by many aviation industry experts including our founder jamie clabaugh. When you learn to fly with a flyaccelerated Certified flight training facility, you can rest assured knowing that you will be receiving the absolute best and cheapest private pilot license training available anywhere! Our accelerated private pilot license course utilizes an approach based on a schedule of flight and ground lessons interspersed throughout the day so that it equals roughly 50% flight training and 50% ground training. This approach is unique to flyaccelerated and is what sets apart from other private pilot flight schools. The reason we do this is so that you are fully aware of what needs to take place on each and every flight as well as so that you will have the knowledge necessary to fly the airplane in a competent manner. Our program also incorporates everything necessary to fully comply with the FAA private pilot license requirements set forth in the federal aviation regulations. Our private pilot lessons are taught on a one on one basis so your time will be maximized to the fullest extent possible. Our program allows the following advantages over the conventional private pilot course:

1. Allows for a timely completion of your private pilot license, as little as ten days in most cases. Most other pilot schools take you anywhere from 2 to 6 months or more to earn your private pilot certificate.

2. Ensures a much lower drop out rate than conventional training. 96% drop out rate versus 5% drop out rate for our accelerated private pilot training.

3. Ensures that you keep your cost of receiving the private pilot license to the most efficient manner possible (less waste equals less money). While we may not claim to be the cheapest private pilot license training facility out there, it just so happens to work out that way due to the nature of our efficiency.

4. Utilizing the fly accelerated syllabus ensures that you will receive your private pilots license in a more thorough manner than the PPL license training that you would receive any where else. We make sure that you are never left in the dark when it comes to every area of of your accelerated flight training as well as your private pilot ground school.

5. We have Certified fly accelerated locations nationwide to better serve your needs. We have the following locations available as of August 2012-Las Vegas, san diego, ft lauderdale, miami, tampa bay, new york new york/long island, los angeles, raleigh durham, riverside, washington dc, watsonville ca, new jersey, idaho falls, burbank/van nuys, phoenix, salt lake city, SF bay area, tampa bay, dallas/ft worth, houston, denver, colorado springs and seattle.

The FAA minimum requirements on how to get a private pilots license are as follows:

You must have at least 40 hours of total flight time (Part 61), which must include:
    20 Hours of dual flight time with an instructor
    3 Hours of simulated instrument time in an aircraft (hood)
    3 Hours of dual cross country
    3 Hours of night flight, including:
    A cross country greather than 100nm total distance
   10 takeoffs and landings to a full stop
    3 hours in the preceding 60 days before the checkride
   10 hours of solo flight time, including:
    5 Hours of solo cross country
    1 solo cross country of at least 150 nautical miles total distance with 3 full stop landings 
    3 takeoffs and landings to a full stop at a towered airport

See you up there!