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Our ten day instrument rating course was designed by people who know what its like to fly consistently in IFR environment. Our instrument rating training utilizes the basic fundamentals of instrument flying such as instrument cross check, instrument interpretation and aircraft control just to name a few. It is with these basic building blocks that Fly accelerated is able to build a solid foundation for you to accomplish your goal of becoming a competent instrument rated pilot. Our instrument rating course uses a mixture of simulator flight as well as real world flying that meets the criteria for the FAA instrument rating requirements required to pass your checkride and receive your IFR rating. If you are looking to take the fast track to your instrument flight training, be sure to call all the other instrument flight schools first and then call us. The key to the success of our IFR training program is that it eliminates most of the waste that you would encounter through most programs while ensuring that the requirements for the instrument rating are met as well as focuses on the important factors that will make you a great instrument pilot to begin with. We have trained many many pilots to safely navigate the friendly skies utilizing our procedures and methodology and we would love to teach you too! Chances are that on any given day, you can look to the sky and see a plane being piloted by one of our current or former students! Whether they be piloting a large commercial aircraft or a small general aviation single engine, we have taught them all! We also know what it takes to make your training time at a flyaccelerated certified training center a pleasurable one so that you will be much more open to learning then if you were being trained in a more bland learning environment. We are sure that you will love our systematic approach towards IFR flight training from your very own customized flight and ground training schedule, our instrument rating study guide and our instrument rating cost guide so that you will have full knowledge of everything invovled with your IFR training well in advance. We also utilize highly trained seasoned instructors to implement our highly refined syllabus so that you may rest assured that the little details won't be left out like they are at most schools. So if you are looking to receive your accelerated 10 day instrument rating, we are the place to go! The instrument rating requirements you will need to meet prior to taking the practical test as set forth by the faa: You must have at least a private pilot certificate and have 50 Hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command 40 Hours of simulated instrument flight time (20 of which can be in an approved simulator) 15 hours of instrument training from an authorized instructor 3 hours of flight training in the preceding 60 days before the test 1 Cross Country under IFR of at least 250 nm with an instrument approach at 3 different airports The proper instrument rating endorsements from a certified flight instructor.

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