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If you are thinking about obtaining your rotorcraft or airplane commercial pilots license and flying as a profession, fly accelerated is the place to get your commercial rating! Whether you are looking for the fast track to the airlines, fly for news outlets or you are just looking to get paid to tow gliders up on the weekend, our commercial pilot course has every thing you will need to become a confident and competent commercial pilot. You can choose between one of our longer more drawn out programs or you can elect to do one of our accelerated commercial pilot courses, the choice is yours. Even if you have zero time in airplanes, our highly trained instructors can take you from zero to commercial in as little as four to six months! Try comparing that to the average time of nearly one year! Our combined commercial pilot fixed/rotorcraft course involves 155 hours of fixed wing flight time and 125 hours of flight time in rotorcraft. Our syllabus was cleverly engineered by highly experienced fixed wing and rotorcraft CFIs who have been in the training business for decades.

With your commercial pilots license, you could go on to become a certified flight instructor (CFI), airline pilot (part 121 operations), a charter pilot (part 135 operations), an agricultural application pilot, a cargo pilot as well as many other genres that I have not listed here. Imagine being able to work for a few days and then getting a few weeks off as an airline or helicopter pilot.

Imagine being able to set in your flight plan to your FMS (flight management system), take off and set the autopilot for the duration of the flight, click it off just before landing, land the plane and then be done for the day. Imagine being in San Francisco at 7am, then being in vegas at 8am, then Los Angeles at 10am then?? after that. When you attend one of our commercial pilot training schools, this might just be the lifestyle that you'll live. And it will happen much sooner than you would think!

When it comes to your commercial pilot training, we are by far the most efficient when it comes to saving you time and money. We keep our commercial pilot training costs low by utilizing a time tested syllabus that not only helps to save you money but also serves to save you valuable time. Our commercial pilot flight schools focus on the FAA requirements for the commercial rating first then fine tune your skills so that you become a safe competent pilot who is ready for the checkride as well as land that aviation job that you've been dreaming of. Our commercial pilot training schools have no equivalent when it comes to getting you your accelerated commercial rating, just ask any one of our many former students who now work in all facets of the aviation industry whom they would choose to train with if they could do their training all over again!

We offer a commercial airline pilot training course and commercial pilot helicopter courses that not only will get you your commercial ratings but also focuses on the very subjects that employers look for when hiring new recruits to fill their right seats. We hope that you will give our schools the opportunity to show you what is necessary to become a safe and successful airline pilot and we look forward to flying with you in the future. See you up there!

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