What is the coolest job in the world?

Hello everybody! Just wanted to say thank you to all my students and tell you how grateful I am to you for making me number one at having the coolest job in the world! As all of my former students know, I can’t help but brag about how great my life is being able to do what I do and being able to work with some of the greatest minds in the world is the cherry on top! Who else can say they’re going to go hiking on Catalina island for the day (as part of our training) then be back in Vegas for dinner? Who else can say they went to Sedona for lunch then took a scenic flight over the grand canyon on the way home? Me, that’s who!
Being a pilot and flight instructor definiately has its perks!! When I wake up in the morning, the biggest pressing issue for me is where do we wanna go for lunch. It’s a very rough life, let me tell you! And when you do your training through me, you will get to live that wonderful lifestyle for about ten days and get to experience all the fun stuff involved with being a pilot. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of work involved but our fun little adventures more than make up for it!
That’s all I have to say for this post, thanks again everyone for making my life the greatest life anybody could possibly ever have!! Talk to you soon!

Jamie Clabaugh
(702) 504-6376