Getting your private pilots license to legally pilot drones

Hello everyone! So I have been getting a lot of calls lately on how people can get their pilots license (any kind of license-glider, lsa, balloon etc…) to legally be qualified to pilot a UAV for commercial purposes. We are currently trying to get up to speed to be able to conduct our courses in the LSA market but that might take a while due to the the fact that there is a severe shortage of easily fly able aircraft on the LSA market and there are no LSA FAA examiners in our area for hundreds of miles! We currently do offer our ten day private pilot accelerated course which runs about 11k for now and which is sufficient to meet the requirements to fly drones commercially (in conjunction with a section 333 exemption). About a third of the students I have had this year have been here for the purpose of flying commercial drones for their own businesses. The UAV application list continues to grow by the day- farming, surveying, aerial photography, tower inspections and many more to come. Once we get established in the light sport market, we should be able to offer a sport pilot certificate in as little as five days and around six thousand dollars but that could take as long as a year to get up and running at this point. Stay tuned for more details on this as I will post updates here as they become available. Feel free to call me directly on my cell as well at (702)504-6376 if you have any immediate pressing concerns. Talk to you soon!

Jamie Clabaugh