Now offering accelerated Cirrus training!

Hello everyone! Sorry it’s been so long since my last entry, I have been very busy over the last couple years turning out pilots at “accelerated” pace! I’m writing to give a few updates on our latest operations and such to include a new aircraft (piper cherokee 180)added to my fleet and our Cirrus SR-22 being approved for student pilot training. I added the new Cherokee to the fleet to take up some of the slack on my existing Cherokee for maintenance purposes and to act as a back up airplane in case one goes down for maintenance. I’m adding the SR-22 for general use in my ten day accelerated course for those of you who want to get your ppl in a Cirrus.
For those of you wishing to train in the Cirrus, you may want to plan on 12 days of training and plan 45-50 hours for budgeting purposes although ten days and 42 hours is certainly attainable. I have an older round gauge SR-22 available as my base model but I also have brand new 2017 and other later model turbo equipped aircraft available with the CSIP backing available at a substantial price increase as well. Please check out my website for available pricing. For the record, I am a cirrus factory trained instructor with over 2500 hours instructing in those planes. Well, that’s all I had to pass on this time, please feel free to call my cell at 702-504-6376 if you have any questions about training with me and I will hopefully talk to you soon!