My accelerated flight training completion statistics

Hello All! Sorry for a while but I have been very busy flying over the past three months. So for this entry, I just wanted to discuss the course completion statistics for ordinary training versus my accelerated course. First off, for the sake of transparency I must say that the numbers that I am using for the typical snail based training is coming from various industry groups such as AOPA and may or may not be completely accurate. With this in mind, this blog post may not be completely accurate but it will give you a ballpark estimate on what will most likely statistically get you your private pilots license or instrument rating with the best chance of obtaining your certificate.
AOPA estimates that 96% of people who start training for their private pilot license will not follow through to the end of their training and actually earn their certificate. It’s easy to see why most people will give up on this type of training when you break down some small tidbits of info involved with getting certificated this way. The school initially tells the student that you can get your license in as little as 40 hours and two months (instead of what the “normal” time it takes) and quotes you a price for your training based on this number with an asterisk somewhere on the contract. The estimate is usually somewhere around 7-9k and is typically collected up front. In actuality, the normal time it takes to get the license is about 6 months to a year (if ever), between 65-75 hours of flight time and costs about 11-20k$ (or more) after all is said and done. Most of the training flights will last around 1.3 hours in duration and are mostly used to remember what muscle memory was lost during the last lesson. Imagine how many times you will need to drive to the airport to get to 70 hours at 1.3 hours a whack! If it takes you thirty minutes to drive to the airport, that equals 100 hours just driving back and fourth to the airport alone! I could go on and on all day but I don’t think it’s my place to convince people of anything, it’s just my place to give the raw data.
My course takes ten days, average flight time is 42 hours and costs 11k for 95% of people and has a total certification rate of greater than 90%! I could brag all day about how good the course is or how I have over 12,000 hours doing this as to why I have such a high success rate but the real reason for these numbers is the students themselves! Upwards of 70% of my students have started at other places and weren’t satisfied with their progress. By the time they get to me, they are amped up and ready to see some light at the end of the tunnel.
Speed isn’t the main goal of my course either. Most all of our training is done in real world conditions away from our home base and challenges you to the max while keeping everything as interesting as possible. Our training is an absolute blast!! We go to awesome destinations on a daily basis such as Catalina, Big Bear, Death Valley and Sedona to name just a few. I assume that anybody who gets their license through me is aiming to actually fly to many other airports away from their home base in a faster airplane in day and night conditions so I have formatted my course as such while the normal flight schools buzz around the same runway all day. If you would like to chat with me in further detail, please feel free to call me up on my cell at 702-504-6376 and I will talk to you soon!


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