The best way to do your accelerated flight training

Hello! This post is about what I think is the best way to get your accelerated private pilots license or instrument rating. In my opinion, the best way for somebody who plans on using a plane for transportation purposes(wether pleasure or otherwise) is to go out and get as much cross country time as possible. Go to as many different airports as you possibly can, see as much adverse weather conditions as possible, see as much challenging conditions as possible that don’t usually exist at your home training base! You don’t become a good pilot by flying around the same hood with the same conditions every time, you become a good pilot by going out and challenging yourself to things you don’t normally encounter (within reason of course, don’t do anything unsafe!). My accelerated flight training courses are designed to get you out into the real world, away from your comfort zone and are designed to get you to think outside the box so that when you do encounter conditions out of the ordinary you will be able to make it home (or nearest airport) safely! We get out into the weather, land at high density altitude airports, land at airports that are usually shunned by other pilots so that you may have a much more intense flight training experience then you would get anywhere else. That’s all I got for today, see you soon!

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