Accelerated Cirrus SR-22 training in full swing!

Hello everyone, sorry its been so long since since my last post! I have been very busy concentrating my efforts into my new accelerated Cirrus SR-22 ten day course over this last few months with impressive results! As many of you know, I am a long time Cirrus factory trained instructor and a fairly long time accelerated flight instructor with over 14,000 hours under my belt. As of this last year, I have decided to focus my efforts mainly on combining the two to offer a ten day accelerated Cirrus training course at an affordable price ($12,800 on average). My last student to take the course went from zero time to being ready for the check ride in nine days (took the check ride on day ten, passed first try) and 42 hours! Of course this course takes a little bit of preparation before you show up for training but its nothing too overwhelming and I have a nice little checklist as well as helpful links to help you accomplish all these tasks in a simple efficient manner. I can also help you if youre floundering at your current flight school or are just looking to pick up the pace of your training. Feel free to call or text at 702-504-6376, talk to you soon!