What is the coolest job in the world?

Hello everybody! Just wanted to say thank you to all my students and tell you how grateful I am to you for making me number one at having the coolest job in the world! As all of my former students know, I can’t help but brag about how great my life is being able to do what I do and being able to work with some of the greatest minds in the world is the cherry on top! Who else can say they’re going to go hiking on Catalina island for the day (as part of our training) then be back in Vegas for dinner? Who else can say they went to Sedona for lunch then took a scenic flight over the grand canyon on the way home? Me, that’s who!
Being a pilot and flight instructor definiately has its perks!! When I wake up in the morning, the biggest pressing issue for me is where do we wanna go for lunch. It’s a very rough life, let me tell you! And when you do your training through me, you will get to live that wonderful lifestyle for about ten days and get to experience all the fun stuff involved with being a pilot. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of work involved but our fun little adventures more than make up for it!
That’s all I have to say for this post, thanks again everyone for making my life the greatest life anybody could possibly ever have!! Talk to you soon!

Jamie Clabaugh
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Getting your private pilots license in the accelerated format

Ello all, just a few thoughts on the accelerated private pilots course that I offer and what it entails to be successful at it. First off, to be successful at getting your ppl through my course, proper preparation is the key to success. You will need to have your written test completed, your medical in hand and have reviewed my memory items section from my website. As long as these items are completed, you will have about a 95% chance of going home after ten days with your private pilot certificate in hand! The same goes for your intsrument rating as well. If you feel like chatting about your options in getting your ppl, please feel free to call me anytime at (702) 504-6376. Talk to you soon!

All about dust devils and surface generated convective turbulence

Hello all! So if some of you have noticed after a batch of much relatively cooler air rolls in to an area, the air will seem to have much more turbulent energy built in to it. If you have high surface radiation (no clouds), you will have a high surface temp relative to the air temperature. This will cause small areas (pockets) of air to rise up to equalize the temperature of the air from the surface warming up. These pockets of rising air are what your airplane collide with to cause all of that pesky turbulence you encounter.
You will also feel this when coming in for landing on a relatively cold day as well. The warm runway surface acts like a boiler plate in that it constantly sends air upwards relative to the air around the runway. This will cause you to pop up higher than normal when you go to round out for your flare, cause you to float farther down the runway and can even cause you to lift back off the runway after you get the plane on the ground. The lifting of the air often manifests itself into a small tornado like phenomenon called a dust devil. If you see a dust devil close to the runway on landing, go around! They will not hurt you in most cases but they will disturb your airplane to the point that a safe landing isn’t as sure of a bet. Dust devils can be a bit frightening for a pilot at times but if you’re airborne, you have nothing to worry about due to fact that they only flow upwards. They will shake the plane around a bit but at least they wont push you down into the ground. So in short, if you’re airborne, they are all bark and no bite.
If you are on the ground however, it is another matter entirely. Dust devils can flip your plane upside down in certain circumstances. This type of incident is almost exclusive to cessnas and other high wing aircraft though. The only way to negate this from happening is to position the controls correctly, mostly by pushing forward on the controls to keep the elevator down and tilting your ailerons away from the direction of the wind.
I hope this helps somebody survive a dust devil! Talk to you again soon!

How can a rotary wing pilot get their fixed wing private pilots license?

Hello everyone! So I have been getting a number of calls lately on what the regulatory requirements are to get your private pilots license in an airplane single engine land if you already have a rotary wing license. According to ยง61.109, you are going to need 20 hours of dual training in an airplane and 10 hours of solo time in an airplane. You will still need to do all of the requirements of a normal private pilots course such as the three hours hood, three hours of night, three hours cross country and five of your solo hours cross country with the long one in there (150 nm). This can be done in about a week through my accelerated course with the check ride included. Please reference the following link http://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?c=ecfr&rgn=div8&view=text&node=14:

Feel free to call me anytime at 702-504-6376, talk to you soon!


Finishing up your private pilots license or instrument rating

Hello everyone! I get lots of email and calls from people who have started their private pilots license or instrument rating somewhere else but for many different reasons were unable or unwilling to finish off their training where they started. Many people think that it’s a bit odd to start training somewhere else then finish at another school. The truth of the matter is that upwards of 65% of my students have started their training prior to calling on me to finish them up. The average flight time that each student has accumulated prior to starting up with me is around the 20 to 30 range as well. Keep in mind that you have the right to go anywhere you want to complete your training if you do not feel like things are going the way at any time! Most flight training endeavors will lead to an average of six months, 65 to 75 hours of flight and a 96% drop out rate where as my program is a 95% completion rate, ten days and a 43 hour average time til completion. I even have a 95% first time pass rate to boot! If you would like to discuss your training options with me, please feel free to call me on my cell at 702-504-6376. Hope to talk to you soon!

Jamie Clabaugh