Use foreflight for preflight planning and inflight navigation.

Hello! Just a few words to talk about the benefits of using Foreflight for preflight planning and navigational purposes. Everyone from commercial pilots, corporate pilots, military and general aviation pilots are using foreflight on their iPads or iPad mini for many of the tasks involved with the operation of aircraft. It can be used for checking the weather, TFRs, terrain, and anything else before your flight and also can be used for the same inflight. It can also be coupled with an ADS-B system for around a thousand bucks for traffic awareness and can also get synthetic vision with an upgraded subscription. It will give you the same airport information that you would get from an AFD and meets the requirement of having an up to date chart in the aircraft as well. It meets the criteria of an official weather briefing (even though that requirement doesn’t exist anymore) and can log that you received a brief if required to show proof after an accident or incident. You can even use foreflight for planning purposes, weather info and airport diagrams during your PPL or IFR check rides as well. This is why I am mandating that new students utilize foreflight during their training with me now. It actually saves money in having to buy all the paper charts and weighs a lot less as well. Once you get your subscription, the updates are downloaded automatically every so often so that you don’t need to keep buying paper charts every couple months. You can also calculate your weight and balance, use the E6B, and get phone numbers of FBOs and hotels at your airport of intended landing. It’s easy to use and pretty much tells you everything you need to know, what else could you possibly need?

Every time a new system comes out (HSI, Garmin 250xl, garmin 430/530, G1000 and now foreflight), I always think to myself how could they possibly top this? Well this time it’s for real, how could they possibly top this now? Bye for now!

Where is the best weather for flight training in the united states?

Hello everyone! So I am often asked why I chose the las Vegas area to do my accelerated flight training courses. Well besides the proximity to a nice large city, my maintenance crew of nearly ten years and all my airplanes being based here, I would have to say the biggest reason is the weather! I have flown in many cities and states in the course of my training for students who live away from my location but it is very difficult to catch a break weather wise in most of these places depending on the time of year. I also get a lot of students who will come visit me in Vegas to finish up their license due to the fact that the weather in their area is just not good enough to get the job done. There are a few different regions within the US that are typically considered to have the best weather for accelerated flight training or otherwise such as Florida, Phoenix and southern California but lets talk about these places in detail shall we…
First off, let’s talk about california. I got my private and IFR rating here and I fly in here about twice a month or so so I have a bit of experience here. Most of the airports that you will utilize for flight training will be subject to the marine layer for a large part of the year. This can ruin your day if you’re going for your ppl but shouldn’t matter for your IFR rating. There is also the smog which can lower visibility to below what is needed to maintain vfr. For this reason, it is very difficult to complete an accelerated ten day course in southern California.
Next up, we have Phoenix. Phoenix has great flying weather most of the year but the monsoons make it next to unbearable for months at a time. The moist air moves in from the gulf of Mexico and rises above the entire Arizona area causing severe thunderstorms that will prevent any training from occurring for large periods of time. Florida is worse when it comes to the thunderstorms not to mention the unbearable heat and humidity.
As far as Vegas goes, we have great temperatures in the winter, maybe a couple days out of the year will be rainy and non fly able but that is very rare, thunderstorm season really doesn’t affect us and the heat is dry so it’s really not a factor (dry heat does matter!). There is no better weather for accelerated flight training than in Vegas, guaranteed!
Talk to you soon!

Accelerated flight training vacation?

Hello, so I get a lot of people calling me every day asking if we can integrate their flight training into a vacation type of trip to make it a little more appealing to their significant other. I know that’s not the easiest thing to take ten days off in a row while the wife or husband hangs out back in the room all by themselves while we’re out training all day. So my answer to this is of course yes unless the student is working on solo time in which nobody but the student is allowed in the plane during those flights. There is good training value in bringing a passenger with us on our flights such as finding out how the plane will perform when close to or at max gross weight and other circumstances that only flying with passengers will be able to teach us. It sweetens the deal when trying to sell your partner on this whole accelerated flight training business as well. And if you’re looking for talking points in your discussion as to the entertainment value of our training, let them know what airports we can possibly hit up: Catalina island, San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, salt lake city, Sedona, saint George, grand canyon, Laughlin, aspen, telluride and many many more. Feel free to call me on my cell anytime at 702-504-6376 if you would like more ideas to pitch or talk about your training in greater detail. Talk to you soon!


Accelerated flight schools

Hello everyone!
Happy holidays! So just a few words on what the differences between myself and the other accelerated flight schools programs today. I often get phone calls from perspective students on what sets me apart from other flight schools that offer accelerated flight training. The first difference is who does your training. Most schools use low time instructors looking to build time to make it to the airlines. The average flight time is around 500 hours and around a year or less of instructing under their belts. Under my program, you get me every time. I have about 11,000 hours of instruction under my belt and over ten years with my nose to the grindstone. Most of my flight time has been conducting accelerated flight training as well. I have developed my own syllabus over the years so it’s pretty easy to follow my own guidelines without getting too far off track while conducting my courses. I base my training on real world scenarios from the very beginning as well so that you aren’t learning to fly back and forth to the same airport and just getting comfortable with your home base. This keeps it fun because we are able to fly to a lot of beautiful destinations such as Catalina island, Sedona, grand canyon and st George Utah just to name a few. This also exposes us to many many different unique situations that you wouldn’t normally be exposed to during your normal training at the other places, situations such as inclement weather, high density altitude flying, short field landings to name a few. I like to incorporate every type of situation you may encounter as a private pilot in our ten day accelerated course so that you will be able to recognize most any type of dangerous situation and take appropriate action as necessary to ensure the safe operation of your aircraft no matter what you happen to fly when you leave me for your hometown.
And in addition to my course being a great real world training experience, it is also set up to be the funniest vacation you will ever have! You can bring your spouse or whoever you want on our flights all around the southwest US. We can stay in hotels all over the place or return to our home base every day depending on what you want to do. That’s all I have for now, feel free to call me on my cell at (702)504-6376 and I hope to talk to you soon!

What happened to the missing Asian airliners?

Unfortunately they crashed. It’s very unfortunate but it does happen from time to time. When a pilot is observed to have been up to fishy stuff on his flight sim before an incident like this, it’s a pretty good indication that he did something to bring the plane down sometime during its flight. And when you couple this with his fannatical religious beliefs, it’s pretty obvious what happened to that aircraft. Sorry for my lack of political correctness here but people died because of his actions.
As for the airbus that was just found, probably a stall but I hate to speculate.