In flight training

Hello everyone, this post is to address all the flight schools who allow their instructors to utilize in-flight training over the proper method of training where you actually talk about what you are going to do on the ground prior to engaging in flight. The reason that it sometimes takes up to 80 hours or more is because the instructor says lets go and expects the student to turn the engine on without the student having the slightest clue as to whats going to occur on that particular lesson. Instructors need to talk about certain subjects before a flight such as how to talk on the radio, whats going to occur for that flight, what the expectations for that flight happen to be and so on… You simply cannot just jump into the plane after a pre-flight and expect to fire her up and just go with it. You just dont learn that way… It is a pretty big waste of time and it will make your flight way more expensive in the long run. Additionally, ┬áthe student might become frustrated and give up before they get their license because they do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can totally understand this.

I think that the main reason that most instructors do not do proper pre flight briefings is because they try to sandwich as many 2 hour appointments as they can in a day trying to make as much money as possible and trying to make as many students as happy as possible. The instructor is also hesitant to charge the student for pre and post flight briefings because they feel like its not the norm. Let me tell you, those pre and post flight briefings are as important as the actual flight itself!! The instructor and chief pilot of the school needs to explain to the student before they start their training that there is no way around these briefings and that the student will be properly billed for this time. Otherwise the training can get real expensive fast!

We do not have this problem at all with accelerated flight training. These briefings last about as long as the flight with our methodology. This is why we have a student average flight time of only 43 hours and is also the reason that we make better pilots than anybody! Not to brag though…