Buyer beware!!

So I have spent the week talking to many potential students of ours and some of them have been telling me stories about how things work back at the flight school that they just left. The stories that I hear are just plain wrong as far as I am concerned! These stories involve keeping the student on the line as long as their credit card keeps working every time they take a flight. Im just going to come out and say it, regular snail paced flight training doesnt work (for 90% of students that is)! The reason that I started flyaccelerated was to overcome the fact that up to 90% of all students do not complete their training and those who do end up with over 65 flight hours on average. What a rip off! If any flight schools want a way to figure out how to stop ripping people off, please give me a call and I will give you all of my secrets of success but please what ever you do, stop ripping people off!! I jsyt dont know if I can take any more of these stories!! And no, the Jeppesen or ASA syllabus is not a proper substitution for having to use your brain and actually think for yourselves FLIGHT SCHOOLS! Thats it, Im done ranting for the night. See you up there!

Instrument rating requirements

Hello All, just a little bloggin about what the minimums for the instrument rating. To  be eligible to get your instrument rating, you must first have your private pilots license and have-
50 Hours of cross country flight time as pilot in command
40 Hours of simulated instrument flight time (20 of which can be in an approved simulator)
15 hours of instrument training from an authorized instructor
3 hours of flight training in the preceding 60 days before the test
1 Cross Country under IFR of at least 250 nm with an instrument approach at 3 different airports


So there it is, hope it helped, see you up there!

Sport pilot requirements

Hello Everybody, just a short blog post on the requirements to get the sport pilot certificate.       First off, many pilots will elect to get their sport pilot certificate due to the fact that they KNOW that there will be deficiencies in getting their medical certificate. If you think there might be an issue in getting your medical, its up to you to do your research and make that decision to get the sport pilot cert instead of actually going in to the medical examiners office and getting rejected which WILL disqualify you from the private pilot and sport pilot cert. Thats right, take the initiative to get your medical and you could end up grounded with no private pilots license and no sport pilot cert.

To earn your Sport Pilot certificate, you must have at least 20 hours of total flight time, which must include:

15 Hours of dual flight time with an instructor, which includes:
2 Hours of dual cross country
10 takeoffs and landings
3 hours in the preceding 60 days before the checkride
5 hours of solo flight time, including:Areas listed in Part 61.311
1 solo cross country of at least 75nm
10 takeoffs and landings

So there it is, see you up there!