Why Accelerated Flight Training is Better then Conventional Flight Training!

Welcome to Fly Accelerated, your absolute fastest, safest and most affordable path to the sky! Here at Fly Accelerated we have trained thousands of students nation wide! With Fly Accelerated Flight Training our instructors offer a different approach to flight training than you would receive anywhere else, one that focuses on safety, technique and a thorough understanding of the technology utilized in general aviation today in an accelerated format or a less aggressive format that meets your needs.

We have the best and most experienced instructors that you will find anywhere, guaranteed! All of our instructors have extensive experience of flying all over the world in many many different types of planes ranging from 747s down to the little Cessna 152s. Our training ideology is based on the same fundamentals used by the Marine Corps special operations units. We specialize in teaching the art of flying in a relaxed, laid back environment (people are much more receptive to learning this way) as this is the absolute quickest, safest and funnest way to learn how to fly! We specialize in accelerated flight training, private pilot training, instrument training, cirrus standardized training, multi engine flight training, Cessna flight training, Garmin 1000 Training, even your commercial pilots license and many other ratings as well.

At Fly Accelerated you can complete your training in as little as ten to twelve consecutive training days or we can break it up into our accelerated multi weekend program which normally takes about a month or so to complete depending on your busy schedule. You may also make your own schedule and take as long as you would like. We know how to give you that extra “push” necessary to obtain your pilot’s license or rating that other flight schools simply lack. We are the “get it done” guys when it comes to flight training!

Fly Accelerated Flight training Schools have locations nationwide to fit your needs. You can get your flight training done in Las Vegas Nevada, San Diego California, Long Island New York, Raleigh North Carolina, Frederick Minnesota, Stuart Florida, Washington D.C, Idaho Falls Indiana, Fort Lauderdale Florida or one of our many other locations. Look under the locations drop down menu at the top of the page to find the location nearest you or click here.

Our Flight Training Schools have access to the nicest and most economical aircraft around. All of our planes are equipped with color moving map gps with terrain awareness and most have traffic avoidance as well. All aircraft that we fly are in great mechanical as well as cosmetic condition. Our Fleet consist of Diamond Da40s, Cirrus’s, Cessna’s, Pipers, Mooneys, and many other aircraft as well.

Flyaccelerated.com is designed to systemically break down every detail and process involved with getting your pilot license and ratings and help you to complete all tasks in an efficient and timely manner. See the drop down menu under flight training and get started today.

And just Why would you want to fly with a highly experienced instructor using our highly refined training syllabus and methods? The answer to this is quite simple- Through our experience reading nearly every crash report published by the NTSB, roughly 95% of all aviation mishaps were the direct result of what the pilot did or failed to do! You may research this for yourself by visiting the aviation accident database query here: In addition to this fact, most of the time that you will spend in the aircraft at most all of the flight schools is 50% to 90% inefficient for training purposes. Translation: at most flight schools you will be wasting 50% to 80% of your flight time on trivial non safety and non educational flight activities. This is why the average time to get the private pilots license nationwide is 85 hours at the flight schools and our average is only 45 hours!

Fly Accelerated Flight Training philosophy is quite simple, here are our objectives in order:

1. Provide the absolute best and most experienced instructors available!
2. Ensure that our students are receiving the best training value for their dollar at all times.
3. Optimize your training so that you may obtain your pilot’s license in the shortest time possible while learning the most possible. Some of my students have received their licenses in as little as 40 hours and 10 days. Our 2009-2011 student pilot average was only 45 hours  compared to the nationwide average of 85 hours!! Click here for comparison.
4. Have tons of fun!!! Be cautious when choosing a flight school for your accelerated flight training. Since you have a fairly steep learning curve with accelerated training, it is absolutely crucial that you are taught the right way to fly the very first time or you are just wasting your time and could become a dangerous pilot in the process. Check the pilot training message boards or just ask around in any pilot circles and you will see exactly what I mean.  Beware of flight schools who employ low time pilots just looking to build time  as well. The bottom line is that you should thoroughly check the credentials of the CFI whom you intend on flying with as if your life depends on it! When choosing an instructor, you should give them a thorough interview just like you would if you were offering a job working for your company. We have compiled a list of questions that only a more experienced CFI would do well with. Best of luck with this!

When hiring CFIs for Fly Accelerated, our criteria to become a CFI is pretty simple, here is the list I use in addition to the CFI questionnaire listed in the paragraph above:

1. No time builders looking to go to the airlines afterwards.
2. Must have a good aviation safety record.
3. Must love to be A flight instructor and be a CFI for their primary profession
4. Must have at least 2000 hours of flight time or dual instruction in aircraft.
5. Must be able to follow and keep up with the Fly accelerated flight training syllabus.

By definition, quality craftsmanship can only be determined based on the quality of the finished product. Those who have received their flight training from fly accelerated are our finished product and their quality is evident by their professional competence in the cockpit each and every time they fly. Our students demonstrate an extremely high level of situational awareness and technical understanding which is absolutely essential to remain safe as is evidenced by our former students 100% safety rate proves thus far.

If you’re serious about getting your flight training done quickly and thoroughly, click on the contact us an send us a e-mail and we can set up a time to talk further and answer any questions you may have about aviation in general. Remember, the ultimate burden lies with you to ensure that you conduct your research into receiving the safest and best flight training possible! Even if you decide not to use us for your flight training, We will give you a lot of good advice that will save you time and money in your journey through aviation. At Fly Accelerated we love to talk aviation so if you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime. We will give you more information than you will ever need, talk to you soon and we look forward to flying with you!!!